JOB TITLE: Instructor

3 Gems is always looking for instructors if you are able to add to the current knowledge and experience of our current team of instructors. Working as a member of the instructor team is very important.

SALARY:  Director will be given 1/2 of the gross profit of lesson fees.  3 Gems will provide horses and tack.

Individuals with skills/experience will be considered.  Please describe in detail your involvement in the following.

-4H horse program

-equine science/management degree

-any show experience in open or breed shows

-saddle club membership

-state any offices held in groups

-state awards earned in clubs/associations

-any leadership roles other than horse related

-employment history

-references for all of the above

Email resume to [email protected]
Follow up with a call or text to 701-306-4478

3 Gems Stables Horse Boarding Facility Internship

Our commitment to you is to offer the opportunity to advance your knowledge of horse care and barn management.

3 Gems Stables is family owned business that takes pride in offering the public a safe, fun and healthy boarding stable experience for both horse and owner.  Our wide variety of services and our way of applying this process will offer the intern a valuable inside look and experience.

Duties and/or experiences the intern will be exposed to:

·         Daily shifts

·         Facility management, maintenance and remodel

·         Horse health maintenance and monitoring

·         Professional Services: Farrier, Vet, Chiropractor, Dental

·         Events: shows, clinics, social parties, 4H meetings, 4H shows

·         Facility services: lessons, leases, camps, pony rental, pony parties, volunteer program

·         Exercising & grooming horses

Interns are not paid, but we do offer the opportunity for intern to trade shift work for board of a horse owned by intern.

           Applicants must be at least 18 years old, be physically

           fit and have no physical or mental limitations. Interns

           must have their own health insurance and a

           valid driver’s license. Those accepted into the

           internship program are responsible for their travel

           expenses to and from 3 Gems. Duties involve

           significant physical activity. Applicants accepted into

           the internship program must have prior experience working

           with horses and have basic knowledge of riding and horse

           care. Interns must have a strong work ethic, have no prior

           history of drug or alcohol abuse, must comply with 3 Gems dress

           code and comportment expectations, and adhere to

           safety standards at all times.

           3 Gems reserves the right to dismiss any candidate at any time.