BOARDING RATES             
  • $40 Overnight
  • $300 Outdoor
  • $400 Indoor
  • $450 Indoor *plus
  • $550+ Indoor 24/7


3 Gems Stables
Facility is complete with 140x60 indoor arena, 100x200 outdoor arena, 50 ft & 60ft round pens 40 stalls, pastures sheltered from wind, groomed trails, and endless gravel road riding along the Red River, all within 2 miles of the city limits in North Moorhead. We also hold riding clinics, lessons, kids day camps,  and horse shows.


  • Overnight -$40 includes a stall (or sometimes round pen), bedding and buckets.  Owner is asked to provide hay and grain.
  • Outdoor - $300 includes free feeding on round bales and shelter.
  • Indoor -  $400 includes stall w/daily turnout.  Free feeding on round bales during turnout.  2x per day 14% protein grain up to 6lbs per day.
  • Indoor *plus - $450 (designed for harder keepers or ulcer issues) includes stall w/daily turnout. *plus extra hay while inside stall.  Free feeding on round bales during turnout.   2x per day 14% protein grain up to 6lbs per day.
  • Indoor 24/7  - $550+ includes 2x per day 14% protein grain up to 6lbs per day. Price may vary depending on horse needs.

 24 HOUR STAFF to ensure your horses have the best care. This is not a hobby, but my full time job.
We have strict vaccination requirements and all horses are kept an a deworming schedule.
We do this not only to ensure your horse can thrive at it's best but also because we treat your horses as we do ours!


1x per year: Coggins, Tetnus, Flu, Rhino, West Nile, Sleeping Sickness, Strangles
2x per year: Flu, Rhino

Feed & Hay:

Our hay is a high quality grass hay.
You can bring your own feed or we provide up to 6lbs of a 14% sweet feed

Email Text or call: 701-306-4478 -TEXT WILL GET FASTEST RESPONSE
For photos, find us on FaceBook under "3 Gems Stables" 


Yes we trade work for board!
Credit will be first applied to board owed. Any remaining credit can be applied to any services offered by 3 Gems such as lessons and horse leasing.

$40 weekday stall cleaning
$45 weekend stall cleaning

$60 holiday stall cleaning

$20 weekday 2nd shift

$20 weekend 2nd shift

$25 holiday 2nd shift