It is required that a minimum of 3 lessons be taken before approved for a lease by instructor.

HORSE 1-day per week = $150/month
HORSE 2-days per week = $200
HORSE 3-days per week = $300
HORSE 4-days per week = $400

PONY 1-day per week = $100/month
PONY 2-days per week = $150/month
PONY 3-days per week = $200/month
PONY 4-days per week = $250/month

    Some leases might be limited depending on the horse's capacity.

    Includes access to all that the boarding stable offers.   

    Access to stall will be decided by stable owner.

    Lesson horses are also subject to priority use by stables for activities such as camps, clinics..etc.



    Rev 05-01-2020