Demonstrate self-directed, progressive warm-up for flatwork and jumping.

    Maintain light contact on the flat, demonstrating long and loose rein when asked.

    Demonstrate the following maneuvers:

    -- turn on the forehand
    -- sitting trot
    -- figure-8 at canter
    -- serpentine at canter

      Demonstrate  ring figures at all three gaits, with awareness of bend and balance.

      Ride ring figures at walk, trot, and canter without stirrups.

      Be able to drop and pick up stirrups at all gaits without looking down.

      Ride small bounce grid, with and without reins and/or stirrups.

      Ride simple gymnastic grids up to 2’6”, including low fences without reins.

      Jump a course (minimum 6 fences) at 2’, at the canter, with smooth turns, good approaches and correct leads.

      Ride in the open in a group, at walk, trot and canter, maintaining control.

      Demonstrate a galloping position at the walk, trot, and canter.

      Jump simple cross-country obstacles, up to 2’3” at the trot and canter.

      Ride the hand gallop.

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